Blown off Girls Have More Chances to Start up New Relationships

Blown off Girls Have More Chances to Start up New Relationships

Girls, who were left by their partners, have more chances to start up new relationships and become more attractive for dating seekers. According to recent scientific research results of the University of Michigan dumped ladies enjoy greater popularity among single men than their opposite numbers without such experience. And vice versa – women would rather pay their attention to men who were the initiators of the relationships termination.

About 200 hundred men and women took part in the research devoted to this tricky question. To find out how previous relationships influenced future ones the scientists asked the participants to rate fake internet dating profiles including brief information about dating searchers and the way they’d terminated their last love stories. Also men and women involved into the experiment were offered to note whether they were looking for long-term or one night stand relations. It appeared that male participants minded women’s previous heart relations only in case they had serious intentions. However, the research didn’t shed light on the reasons for such unusual regularity. And the experiment’s results appeared to be surprising for the scholars as well as for the subjects.

One of the probable explanations comes to the fact that women perceive a man who triggers a break-up as a manful and will powered person. And this increases his attractiveness in women’s eyes while women who dump their partners are considered to be unfaithful, light-minded or quarrelsome.

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