Be Cautious While Dating Online

Be Cautious While Dating Online

Most people nowadays are aware of scammers and how to avoid becoming their victim. However, for some vague reasons, users keep getting in the same kind of trouble by giving their money to a random stranger.

Never give any money to strangers! Think if you really want meet with a person who can’t afford even to come to you and asks you to lend him/her some money. And if after a couple of letters you get a money request you may be sure, you have run into a dating scammer.

Shift your communication from online chatting to phone calls as soon as possible. This is one of the most effective ways to figure out if your online partner is real.

But before sharing your personal info like phone number or email, try to get to know your partner better, ask for more information about his/her family, place of location, about his/her job etc.

Be careful while choosing online dating website. Keep in mind that credible matchmaking networks always take much care of the scam and spam policy. If you have any suspicious about any particular user you may write about your fears to the support team of the website you use and their specialists will carefully check your request.

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