How to ask your crush on a date: 3 easy steps

How to ask your crush on a date: 3 easy steps

You’ve been chatting with your crush for a while now and you feel that it’s time to take steps further in your relationship. Making the first step is scary. But if you feel like you are ready to do it, don’t hesitate and just go for it! And here we got 3 easy steps that will help you to ask your someone special on a and will ensure that your crush will say “yes”.

Step 1: Prepare your speech beforehand

If you are nervous about asking your crush on a date, try to prepare your speech beforehand and talk it through in your head. This way you will not only fill calmer before your conversation but also will be more prepared for the rejection. Yes, it’s quite possible that your crush wouldn’t want to meet your right away for various reasons. And you should be ready for this and not get disappointed about it.

Step 2: Tell about your plan

Before asking your crush on a date, don’t forget to prepare some . Even if you are a girl and you think that your date should be planned by a man, it would never hurt finding some new or possible options for your date that both of you would like. Preparing a plan for your date in advance will increase your chances to actually meet with your crush. Think of some , based on your common interests. It would make your date much better if you would spend it in a special way – not simply going to movies and a restaurant but doing something that you both like. Something connected to your common interests.

Step 3: Set the exact date and time

Your crush is less likely to say “no” when he/she would know when you already have an exact date for your date. Asking them to meet “sometime” may not lead to anything at all. Of course, you shouldn’t plan the whole day just on your own, but being more specific in your invitation increases your chances to actually have this date. For example, you can ask something like this: “Our favorite band is playing tomorrow evening. Wanna come?”

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These tips will help you to finally make this first step and ask your crush on a date. And if you still don’t have someone special in mind, don’t forget to install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local !

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