7 Romantic Date Ideas to Impress Her

7 Romantic Date Ideas to Impress Her

Let’s be clear: impressing your partner on the first date won’t make her fall in love. You must focus on being yourself and being honest in the first place. If you are too worried about the set and setting, you forget to concentrate on what’s truly important, which is your personality. Taking her to the moon and back won’t make her accept a second date as long as you are stressed out, or simply boring.

However, a beautiful first date might play an important role in the future development of your relationship. The environment matters, as it must provide an opportunity for you to chat and get to know each other.

So, first and foremost, make sure you are calm and confident when you meet her. Second, think about romantic date choices. Can’t find any? We’ll help you out.

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A Cute Airport Date

You might think, “An airport? Really? What’s romantic in that?” Now hit the reset button and hear this: a beautiful summer night, a bottle of White Chardonnay, a cozy car, a parking lot, some blankets, and an enthralling view of airplanes taking off. Sounds better, doesn’t it? Having long talks while watching planes come and go might be one of the most romantic dates she’s ever been on. Oh, man, she might even fall in love. What a bummer.

A Romantic Sunset Never Fails

Let’s face it: nothing is more romantic to a woman than a breathtaking sunset. Or even a beautiful sunrise. Disclosing your romantic and sensitive side to her will open up new paths of communication between you two. If there are hills around your city, go to the top, buy some snacks, and have endless chats. If, however, you live in Florida, take her to a rooftop, or find a restaurant with an amazing view.

Show Her Your Past

Pick her up, and show her all of your favorite places in town. “Here I got drunk for the first time,” or “Here is where I learned what love is.” Design a (true!) story for each one of the places you’ll attend. You could even repeat some of your past actions – for instance, “here I had my first kiss” would be a pretty good chance to show your affectivity.

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Cook for Her

It’s usually her who says “Come over. Let me make you dinner tonight.” Be the one that takes initiative and asks her to leave her cooking skills home for one night. Prepare her the best meal she’s ever had.

Callie Robertson, a freelancer at assignmentgeek.com.au and motivational writer, shares her advice. “Don’t forget to ask if she has any food preferences or restrictions – you don’t want to cook chicken for your vegetarian date. That might ruin it. Buy some wine, light up some candles, and be ready to have an amazing time. You could even end the night by spoiling her with a back massage.”

Go Dancing

For outgoing girls who love dancing, hitting the clubs is the perfect romantic date! If you like dancing too, that’s even better. If you don’t, maybe you can ask her to join a dancing class, or a yoga class. She’ll understand how open-minded you are, and will love you for that. If she already has dancing or yoga experience, try choosing a new activity for both of you. Learning how to fly glider planes maybe?

Have Some Fun Outdoors

There are so many outdoor ideas to impress your future partner on a first romantic date, especially if it’s summertime! Here are some good ideas:

  • Go bowling
  • Visit a zoo
  • Try an outdoor karaoke party
  • Go to the Planetarium and watch the stars
  • Have some fun at karaoke
  • Go to a football game
  • Visit a theme park
  • Go to a concert
  • Sneak into your neighbor’s pool
  • Go rock climbing, biking, or skating!
  • Visit a cool museum (really cool)

So many activities, so little time, huh? Ask your date to pick her favorite activity, and see if it matches yours. If it doesn’t, you can do both, and have some amazing time together!

Pretend to Be a Tourist

This is my absolute favorite date idea. Pretending to be a tourist is always fun. Try speaking another language and chatting with your waiter, or ask for directions and test other people around. It can be so much fun if you do it with the right person! This is a good opportunity to also check if you share the same sense of humor.

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A cute airport date, a walk in the park, watching the sunset, cooking for her – there are all wonderful first to impress her. Make sure you are relaxed when you meet her, and don’t forget to be yourself. You got this!

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