6 Unexpected Secrets of Attraction

6 Unexpected Secrets of Attraction

Romantic attraction is always filled with mystery. There is no law explaining how two people across the room can notice and fall in love with each other. Or how people who know each other just for a few hours, get drawn together. However, some modern researches have shown that there are some specific features that make you attracted to one person more than another.

Your eyes show your attraction

You know how they say that your eyes are the mirror of your soul. It’s actually true, ’cause the act of looking into each other’s eyes makes the moment very intimate. It’s even more powerful than saying about your feelings with words.

Being playful makes you more attractive

Sure, when you are looking for a serious relationship you want to emphasize the seriousness of your intentions. However, playing a little be with your partner would only make your relationship stronger. So don’t lose an opportunity to have fun with your crush for a bit. If they already have feelings for you, playing and teasing would only make these feelings stronger.

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Past attraction influences the present

Have you ever noticed that your new crush has some similar traits with your ex? And it’s quite logical. Unconsciously, you remember everything that you liked about your previous partner and now trying to find these traits in your new crush. It’s now just about your potential partner, but generally, the romantic feelings you had in your previous relationship will have an influence on your present one. Like when you hear the song that you liked with your previous crush, or visiting places that awake your romantic memories.

Treating people as attractive makes them so

It’s true that usually people act accordingly the way others think about them. So making someone feel beautiful will significantly increase their self-esteem and make them feel attractive as well.

Trying too hard is never attractive

Have you noticed that when you are trying too hard to get a person you want, it always leads to rejection? When you put too much effort into getting someone’s attention, it might look suspicious. Be more light and calm about your new relationship. It may sound weird but not caring too much will make you even more attractive to your crush.

Good humour increases attraction

Making someone laugh helps to break the tension and makes your crush open up in front of you. Using good humour on your date will make you more attractive for your crush and will let your crush to be more relaxed and opened with you.

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