5 Weird Fears All Guys Had In Relationships

5 Weird Fears All Guys Had In Relationships

Sometimes we all have some irrational fears. The things that scare us might seem absolutely insane for others. But the most common field for fear growing is

The first stages of any relationship are very scary. You fear that your partner doesn’t really like you and at the same time you are not sure if you like them as well and he or she is the one. Bt this fear is kind of obvious, while some others are not that clear at all. We also need to mention that as and women are very different, they have completely different thoughts and fears for similar situations. So, in order to make the first stage of a relationship easier for both and women, let’s find out the most common but completely weird fears all guys ever had in relationships.

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You are him until you find someone better

Insecurity is a common fear, but some guys make it kinda weird. There is no reasonable explanation why he could think you would break up with him, but he still could have this fear. The only thing you can do is show that you feel very serious about this relationship. 


You are cheating on him and everyone except him knows it

Yep, it’s a real one. And it’s quite common among guys (I should admit that some girls have it as well). He fears not only that you would cheat on him but also that he would be ridiculous in his friend’s eyes. It may sound weird for you but in reality, the fear of betrayal is quite strong. Is mostly common among guys who are jealous. 


What if you find out some facts that he cheated on you, while he didn’t

It sounds like some kind of comedy but guys really have this weird fear in a relationship. It also may include handsome and successful ex who shows up at the most inconvenient moment (to make the situation even more dramatic).


Your family and friends hate him

As your relationship getting more serious and he’s becoming the bigger part of your life, he may start thinking that you are the only one in your surrounding who likes him. This fear may be totally irrational wouldn’t make any sense, though he still would have it. 


You are a monster/alien/Gone Girl psychopath

It all depends on which kind of horror movies he is watching. It’s totally weird and sounds unreal, but all guys are still kids in their soul, so they might have this kind of thoughts.



Relationships scare us, it’s true, but we are still enjoying it and trying to take the best of it. 

Read some relationship advice to make your partner forget these weird fears and fully enjoy time with you. 

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