5 Ways to Tell You’re Dating the Wrong Person

5 Ways to Tell You’re Dating the Wrong Person

Do you ever wonder if you’re really dating the right person? If you have a voice within you telling you that things just aren’t right, then it’s high time to pay attention to that. Though you may wish to make things work, you don’t want to be with somebody just for the sake of being in a relationship. It’s time to decide if you are truly dating the wrong person, and if you need to make some changes.

Though many of us go through relationships and then there is a negative conclusion, if we’re being honest we somehow always knew. When you’re with the wrong person it can be quite obvious, and even if you try to ignore it you know deep down when things aren’t right. If you need some reminders though it’s time to look at some of the most obvious signs that things just aren’t right. There’s no reason to waste your time or theirs anymore!

You Don’t Want to Ignore the Obvious Signs

Even if you knew all of this deep down, it’s time to really put the spotlight on it. Here are the true indicators that you’re with the wrong person, and that it’s time to make a change. You’ll ultimately be much happier that you change things up for a brighter future!

1. They just don’t make you feel good about yourself: Though you may make excuses, the right person should make you feel good about yourself. Love should be a positive thing and the person that you are with should be supportive, kind, and put your needs first. If they are making you feel bad about yourself or if they are actually working against your confidence, then you know that this is not a good match even if you want it to be.

2. Your friends and family are not big fans of them: In most cases your friends and family are picking up on something that you’re missing. They can see that this person isn’t right for you, and so this may be an element that you need to pay attention to. If you consistently hear negative things about the person you’re dating from your friends or family, then it may be time to look into this. It also says a lot if the person you’re dating wants nothing to do with those closest to you, that is not a good way for a future.

3. There is something you don’t trust, but you can’t put your finger on it: Trust is such an important part of a relationship. If you are finding it hard to trust this person and you just don’t know why, then trust your instinct. They may be cheating, lying, or have a bad background of such things. So if trust is lacking or if you feel as if you just get a bad vibe, then trust your instinct and move past this relationship.

4. You want to make things work, but it somehow feels forced: If you feel like you’re trying too hard, that’s not a good sign. If you feel that it’s only one sided and that they are not putting in the effort, that doesn’t speak well to things. It should not feel forced and you shouldn’t be the only one trying. If these conditions are present or if the relationship just feels contrived, then you are not with the right person.

5. You can’t really envision a future with them, but you tend to ignore that inner voice: Deep down you know if this is a person that you can see yourself with in the future. You may not really be there yet in the relationship but this is surely something to consider. If there is no future or if you just don’t feel comfortable in that vision, then trust your instincts here. You should envision a happy future with this person, and if you can’t then it’s telling you that something is amiss.

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