5 Ways To Spot The Ego Maniac on The First Date—So You Can Run Away

5 Ways To Spot The Ego Maniac on The First Date—So You Can Run Away

You go into the first date with such high expectations. You want this guy to be a winner and you want to be able to enjoy the first date, but something is telling you that it may not go your way. You see him and something just seems off. Something about this guy seems as though he just may not be a match for you. It isn’t clear at first, but you suddenly realize what the problem is—you are dealing with a total and complete ego maniac!

Though sometimes the signs aren’t quite as obvious, there are usually some clues or indicators of who you are dealing with here. You may find that he doesn’t seem to really care about being there with you. It may seem like he is a million miles away when you talk. It might just be that he seems really self-absorbed, and therefore you are just not liking him so much. The man who is self-obsessed often doesn’t really care about others, but simply realizes that he’s such a prize and wants the right woman to see it and appreciate it. You do not want to be in a relationship with this guy, and so it’s best to see the early warning signs.

Though it may be harder to decipher if he’s truly that self-absorbed at first, you can usually pick up on something. There is some indicator telling you that something about this guy isn’t right. You aren’t feeling any chemistry towards him, and there’s usually a good reason why. He may be a player or he may just be the type of guy who wants to talk about himself—but pay close attention for the ego maniac usually doesn’t make for a great long-term love interest.

1. He truly talks about nothing but himself: You will find that you learn more about him than you may even care to know after the first date. That’s because he wants to tell you everything important about himself. He wants to tell you his life story, about his life accomplishments, and everything in between. If you want to be in a relationship with a guy like this, then just know that it will always be centered around him because that’s how he likes it.

2. He goes beyond confidence and embraces cockiness: There is confidence which is a good thing—and then there’s cockiness which is definitely a bad thing. He blows right past the confident elements that you find attractive, and takes it a whole other level that doesn’t leave you feeling good at all. He definitely embodies what being cocky is all about and comes off as arrogant, which is never ultimately a good thing for anyone involved.

3. He seems to know that he’s attractive and he celebrates it: You surely want a guy that looks good, but you don’t want him to know it readily. The guy who is too attractive or seems almost obsessed with his looks is the guy that no woman really wants to be with. He keeps checking himself out and seems way too proud of the work that he’s doing at the gym, and no it’s not just your imagination either.

4. He doesn’t really seem that interested in you or need your attention: He doesn’t seem to care if you are focused on him when he’s talking. He may even scour the room in hopes of finding somebody that is looking at him. He could care less about you or what you have to say, and quite frankly he doesn’t even seem to need your attention. That’s not a good sign, for a relationship should always be a two-way street and this is not off to a good start.

5. He doesn’t ask many questions about you or care about the answer that you give: If he isn’t trying to get to know you or asking about you, then this is clearly a one man show. His only true interest is in himself and it becomes evident when he doesn’t try to invest any time or effort in getting to know you. Even when he does ask about you it feels forced and contrived, and it also means that he’s not really listening to what you have to say. Clearly the ego maniac is not a good match for  a long term love interest!

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