5 Ways To Make a Great First Impression On That First Date

5 Ways To Make a Great First Impression On That First Date

You want to win over the person that you’re meeting up with. You have probably played the scenario over many times in your mind, and you still aren’t really sure of what to do. How can you stand out from others that they may have dated? Better yet, how can you be sure to create a favorable first impression that will make a second date possible? It can be done, but you have to put some time and thought into it. Just showing that effort can be a winning strategy, and therefore you want to plan for the first impression before that date ever happens.

The overriding theme here is that you should be yourself. No matter what happens, no matter who this person is, or where you’re meeting you never want to try to be somebody that you’re not. It’s really important that in order to put your best foot forward, that you are true to who you are and own that. There is much to be gained here for when you are yourself, you ensure that this other person gets to know you for all that you are. It’s a good way to be sure that you’re a good match, but it also means that things are sincere from the start and that matters greatly.

First impressions are really important, particularly within dating. Though you may feel as though you’re unsure of what it takes, you have it and just need to let it shine. The sooner that you let them see you for who you are, the more of a chance you have to win them over—and it could lead to really wonderful things! Here’s how you make that wonderful first impression and create a great platform for success.

1. Do take the time to look your best, it does matter: Yes, appearance does matter as it ties to physical attraction, and it’s all part of the equation. Don’t think for one moment that they won’t care about how you look, for on some level they do. Though you don’t want to get carried away or try too hard, you also don’t want to step out without putting some effort into your appearance. Accentuate your best assets, look good so that you feel good, and know that the effort will pay off—a first impression does have to do with the physical so try to keep that in mind.

2. Smile, be courteous, and show that you are interested in being there: The last thing that somebody wants when they meet up for a first date is to be met with a frown or negativity. This is your time to shine so keep it positive, use your best manners, and make them feel that you are interested in being there. Though this sounds rather obvious, it’s easy for nerves to get in the way and cause you to act different than usual. Be positive, smile, be cordial, and make them feel that this is exactly where you want to be.

3. Spend just as much time listening as you do talking, for this will show that you understand the balance: There’s no doubt that it’s a balancing act, and you have to learn to master this part of things. You want to talk and tell them about yourself, but you also want to spend time listening too. Remember this is a great opportunity for you to both get to learn about each other, and if you spend too much time talking or listening, then you can come off the wrong way so don’t do it!

4. Put forth effort but don’t try too hard, finding that middle ground is tough, but it really can pay off: Yes you want to try and yes, you want to be focused on where you are and what you are doing. What you don’t want to do however is to try too hard for this can come off as desperate. It’s another instance of balance and you want to show interest without going overboard—that balance is perfection!

5. Go in with an open mind and embrace this as an opportunity to really get to know each other: Never judge a book by its cover and hope that they don’t do that either. Go in with an open mind and even if this isn’t your “type” or you weren’t feeling it for the date, go in ready for whatever may come your way. This helps you to be more open to the possibilities and ensures that you get to know somebody who could ultimately be really great.

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