5 Ways to Ensure You Never Get a Second Date

5 Ways to Ensure You Never Get a Second Date

Want to know exactly how never to get to the second date? This is a different way of looking at things, but a surefire way of ensuring that you never get to move on in the dating process. The sad part is that these are mistakes that so many of us make because we’re trying too hard to be something that we’re not. Rather than trying to impress the other person or overcompensating, it’s always best to keep it real.

These five mistakes may be done on purpose, but more than likely come out of being nervous. Don’t fall into these traps because they are dating disaster and will never make you feel good about yourself. Not only that, but if you do any of these you can pretty much guarantee that you will NEVER get that second date, so avoid them always!

1. Talk constantly about your ex: Nobody wants to hear about your broken relationships or your ex boyfriend or girlfriend! As you progress you may talk a little bit about your ex, but certainly not on the first date. All this shows the other person is that you aren’t ready to move on and that you are definitely not worth consideration. Leave these talks for time with your friends, and try instead to focus on the person before you if you want to secure a second date.

2. Take calls or texts throughout your date: This is by far one of the rudest things you can do on a date! It’s inconsiderate and shows that you’re not really interested in what the other person has to say at all. Though you may think that there are important matters to take care of outside of the date, it just shows that you’re distracted and not engaged in the date. Leave the calls or texts for later on and try to give this person your undivided attention unless it’s an emergency.

3. Talk the entire time and never listen: Sure you want to talk about yourself, but so does the other person. Do not fall into the trap of nervously talking so much that you never let them get a word in edge wise. Take turns and be sure that you practice active listening as much as you talk. This will show that you are not one sided and will also allow you to learn a little bit about that person as well, which is key.

4. Be cocky and condescending to the other person: Confidence is a good thing—but being cocky is most definitely not! If you want to show them that you are confident that will show through in your personality. If you try too hard though it will often come across as being cocky. Not only that but when you try too hard to be confident it can be very condescending to the other person and also seem fake. So trust your instincts here and be sure that you never be that person that is cocky and annoying.

5. Order the most expensive thing on the restaurant and flaunt your material items: Always go for middle of the road when ordering and never ever try too hard with material items either. They don’t want to hear about your boat or your car or any of those things, and it’s another surefire way to look cocky. This is not the time to order big, just keep it simple and be down to earth so that they give you a second look after all is said and done.

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