5 Tips How to Make Your Online Dating Profile More Attractive

5 Tips How to Make Your Online Dating Profile More Attractive

You have your online for a long time already, but still wondering why no one is texting or winking at you? Well, probably the reason is in your profile appearance.  You may think that it’s not that crucial in the whole dating experience, but actually, it’s one of the most important issues of using a

The first thing to check is if there’s any information at all. Nobody would like to chat with a total stranger, so the first thing you need is a nice picture (or a few of them) and a little bit of general information about yourself. 

Sometimes (like when you register on Meetville) you can’t skip the registration step without answering some questions that would help you to match with people with similar interests. Though, if you want to make your profile even more attractive for your future matches, you need to manage a few simple but very important steps. 

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Show who you are

Self-description is very meaningful as it’s showing your personality and makes the first impression about who you are when someone opens your profile. Try to show your creativity and add everything you want to uncover about yourself in the description. However, don’t make it too long. No one would like to read an essay about your personal characteristics on a dating app. And don’t show up too much. Of course, your future match should be interested in you, though no one likes braggarts. Add a few sentences about what makes you unique and what do you expect of your future partner. Proofread your writings, as a lot of people judge profiles by spelling and grammar mistakes. 


Make your profile a conversation starter

Your online dating profile should not only show the information about yourself but also should encourage other people to start a conversation with you. The easiest thing to do it is to add a question or a call for action to your self-description. For example, you can say that you are a sports lover and then ask “And what are your hobbies?” or “Do you like sport too? Text me what is your favourite activity!” Or mention the book you’ve recently read/ movie you’ve watched, and say that you want to discuss it with someone. 


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Mention your hobbies and interests

Firstly, hobbies and interests are the main things that connect you with other people. In order to find your perfect match, Mettville searches through the accounts of people with common interest and finds matches that you would like according to your interests and life preferences. These facts are already quite essential to have this information on your profile. Secondly, the statistics show that most of the conversations start with the discussion of the common interests. So, don’t underestimate the importance of this part of your online dating profile.


Update your profile regularly 

It’s obvious that you can’t expect any success in online dating if you don’t use it regularly. It doesn’t mean that you need to change your profile daily, but you can do it from time to time if you want to add something new to your interests or to change a profile picture. Changing your profile information and a profile picture at least once a month may increase your chances to be successful at online dating up to 30%.


Profile picture matters

This may be the last of online but definitely not the least. A profile picture is one of the most important parts of your dating profile. Of course, you future match would decide to text you or not mostly depending on your common interest and self-description, but at the same time, they may not open your profile at all, if you don’t have any or have a weird profile picture. So, to make your profile picture (and thereafter the whole profile) attractive to other users, follow the next tips:

  • take a good quality picture

Nowadays it’s not that a problem because almost everyone has smartphones with a good quality camera, though you should also make sure that your photo is not too dark or too light, so the person on the picture is visible. 

  • have several photos

Having several photos on your profile would help users who are looking through your profile to know you a bit better before chatting with you. Make sure your photos are different and even better if they represent the activities you like. For example, you with your dog or with your friends, going hiking or swimming, ets. Try not to post photos with the opposite sex people only, as it might scare your potential match. 


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  • make sure the main photo is just you

As it was mentioned before, you can use some photos with your friends, if you want to, but make sure that the main photo of your profile is only about you. A user usually spends only a few seconds to decide if he/she liked you or not, so they don’t really want to spend time finding out who is the owner of the profile.

  • use different shots

It would be great if photos would differ not only by location and activity but also by various shots. Don’t take only close-ups or panoramic photos. Take pictures from the different angles and of different sizes that can show all of you.

  • say no to dick pics

Don’t go too much into details. No one wants to see your naked body before even knowing you. And, by the way, you will be banned. If you don’t look for serious , there are plenty of ways to tell about it without showing your genitals to everyone. You can always write about it in your self-description, or, if want things to be even easier, use a new feature on Meetville that allows you mention who are you looking for.


The easiest way to have good pictures on your online dating profile without spending too much time on it, is to connect your dating app with your account. You can find out more about how to use this feature on Meetville and make your online dating profile much more attractive.


Using these simple rules would help you to make your online dating profile more attractive and make your online dating experience even more pleasant.


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