5 Things Not to Write about

5 Things Not to Write about

Have you ever faced the situation when the guy you met online disappeared after exchanging just a few emails with you? What was wrong with him, or maybe that was you who shared some private information too quickly? Have you ever heard about TMI? Too much unnecessary info about your habits or previous relationships may make any would be partner want to run over the hills.

Men in their turn also make the same mistakes and maybe even much more often than women do. So, let’s look at the ways to make online communication something more than a pleasant pastime, something that will lead you to a real relationship.

Tips for men to succeed in online dating

  • Women are not interested in the details of the relationships with your ex as well as in your problems at work and all other stuff like that.
  • If you send your potential life partner long emails that sound too sweet the woman sitting behind the other side of the screen may think you are not interested but desperate. Being reserved in your first messages will obviously help you to start your conversation and melt the ice of your first communication.
  • If the goal of your search is just a short fling – maybe online dating website is not the right place to look for a partner?
  • Being too picky can also prevent you from finding your one and only. It’s great when you know what you want, but don’t forget that we live not in a fairy tale. Thus, instead of looking a princess try to pay your attention to just interesting women.
  • Don’t move too fast! If you want to know our contact info, well – this is not the issue. But asking for our phone number in your first or second message is not the right time.

Hope this short but really effective tips will easily help you to start the conversation with the woman you liked. Be yourself, show your best and stay with Yangutu.com to get the lasted info about the world of online dating.

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