5 Surefire Ways To Charm a Girl On The First Date and Get Her Into Liking You

5 Surefire Ways To Charm a Girl On The First Date and Get Her Into Liking You

When you go out with a girl on the you probably feel a lot of different things. You may feel fearful of what lies before you, but it’s also an excellent opportunity. EIther you can charm her with the way that you act. Or you can win her over by putting forth some effort and just being yourself. The more that you think this through and prepare for the first date; the more likely there is to be a second date.

Though you may have your doubts about getting to the second date, make the most out of the first date. This can ensure that you are the type of guy that she is instantly drawn to. Something special is brewing beneath the surface on the first date. If you want there to be a second date, then by all means put effort into charming her once and for all. Here we look at some of the most wonderful ways to charm her and get to the second date without a doubt.

1. Put forth some effort:

This doesn’t mean that you spend a ton of money, for it’s about much more than that. The effort that you put in shows her that you are interested. It shows that you want to enjoy this time with her and that you want there to be more time together in the future. Though this does require you to focus on her, this is a win-win—you get to know her, you’re impressing her, and it can truly lead to more in the future.

2. Really take the time to get to know her:

You are not rushing through the date. And you are not talking only about yourself. You are not in this only for one thing. If you can maintain this attitude and really take the time to get to know her, this will win her over. You want to share details about who you are, but you are here to get to know the woman sitting before you. She will be impressed and it’s really the way that first date should ideally go anyhow.

3. Go in with a positive mindset and it will really shine through:

Sure you might be nervous and maybe even vulnerable. You may have had bad experiences or been hurt in the past. You may have anxiety about the first date—but now is the time to turn this into a positive thing! Stay positive, get a hold of your nerves, and focus on the good that can come out of this first date. She will truly notice a good positive attitude, and this will draw her in. It’s very charming and refreshing for a woman to see a man who is being himself and staying positive.

4. Do something little but genuine:

Maybe bring her one single rose to the first date. Perhaps you show her some cute simple sign of affection the first time that you meet. Keep it sweet, simple, but charming and you really can’t go wrong. Being sincere and showing a bit of your personality can really help you to go above and beyond in a huge way that will pay off.

5. Plan a date that allows you to really talk to each other:

You want to show that you are truly interested in her. You want her to see that you put effort into planning the first date. This means you pick a venue that allows you to actually talk to each other. Though dinner and a movie may be a common scenario, you aren’t really talking at all during the movie part. Make it original and show some effort, so that you two can really take the time to chat on this all important first date.

The first date can be an excellent time for charming her and winning her over. Though you may feel unsure, if you are just yourself and you put some effort into things it will pay off tremendously. These may seem obvious, but some concerted effort on these elements will make for a winning combination and an excellent chance at future dates.

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