5 sure signs he wants you right now

5 sure signs he wants you right now

It’s quite true that men don’t overthink what they are doing. It usually takes in total of about three movements when it comes to picking up ladies. That is why it’s pretty easy to understand when they are trying to get into your pants. 

Though, a lot of still are not sure if a guy is hitting on you or just being nice. The good thing is, actions speak louder than words. Take notice of his emotions and body language if you want to know more about his feelings.

So, here we have 5 main signs that would tell you for sure if he wants you right now. But sometimes even one is enough 😉

He is totally engaged

He can’t take his eyes off you, he is laughing at your jokes and basically looks like he is totally into you. Guys are usually not that attentive at all, so this is a sure sign that he is really interested in you.

He is showing off

One of the most basic signs is when he is trying to impress you in any way possible: from talking about things he is good at to starting showing his body.

He is flirting with you 

When the conversation is getting mostly sexual and he starts paying you compliments it’s a sure sign that he wants you right now. Actually, if he really wants you, the way he talks to you would tell you a lot.

He is getting closer

Comming pretty close, hugging, “accidentally” touching your leg – all these signs are pretty obvious and you just can’t ignore them. And it’s pretty evident for them that if you allow this soft touching, you allow going further.

He says, “I want you”

Yes, just like that. Men are pretty direct and sometimes it is really helpful.

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As you see, it’s quite easy to understand if a man wants you right now. And even if you don’t know him too well, there are some good reasons why you should consider having on a first .

So just go for it 😉

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