5 Simple Steps to Realize That You’re in Love With Your Friend

5 Simple Steps to Realize That You’re in Love With Your Friend

Today we celebrate Friendship Day – one of the most important days for any of us.

Who are we without friends? Only they can cheer us up when we are upset, and come in the middle of the night without any questions if we need their help. Only they can do these crazy things that we’ll remember for all our lives, and make our days brighter and funnier. Only they and…

For most of the people, their partner is their best friend. Not because they were friends before they started dating, but because in their partner they have everything they need in a great friend.

But what if you are not sure yet if you are just friends or something more?

Here are 5 steps to help you realize that you’re in love with your friend:

Step 1

Take a close look at your friendship

First of all, you need to rate the intensity of your feelings. Of course, when you’re with a friend you feel happy or excited, but when it’s the person you’re in love with the intensity of emotions is much bigger. Consider not only your feeling but also the physical reaction of your body. When you’re with someone you love, your heart beat could increase and become more rapid, you might feel like you have butterflies in your stomach, your palms can sweat and your voice might become shaky. You would never get this kind of reaction when you are with a friend.

Step 2

Decide what you want

One of the main difference between friendship and love is the amount of attention you give to someone. If you love someone you’d likely think about them more than usual. He or she will be on your mind all the day and even at night. You might even find yourself daydreaming about them.

Step 3

Get an advice

If it’s still difficult to identify your feelings on your own, you can always ask someone you trust like a friend or a family member. These people can give you an outside perspective on your relationships with your loved one and even give their opinion if they think these feelings are mutual.

Step 4

Write a journal

If you really taking it seriously there is a possibility to find out how strong are your feelings. Write a journal with a list of emotions that you feel every day, how do you act with this person, what do you think of him or her. Keeping this kind of journal for more than a few weeks will really help you to analyse your feelings and how they changed through this time.

Step 5

Take an action

One of the most important but at the same time difficult steps is to move your relationships forward. No more thinking. Take an action and tell your love interest about your feelings. Of course, it could be dangerous. If this person doesn’t have any mutual feelings for you, you may just ruin your friendship. But at the same time, if you are sure about your feelings, it’s the best way to find out if she or he has them as well.

Remember that most of the couples are best friends who realized that they are in love with each other. Don’t miss a chance to find your true love 😉

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