5 Questions to Never Ask On a First Date

5 Questions to Never Ask On a First Date

Want to know how to end a first date before it’s even started? Have a bad track record for dates falling apart and never progressing farther than the first encounter? If you feel as though you are constantly losing out on the opportunity to go further with a love interest, then it may have something to do with the types of questions that you’re asking.

Sad but true the types of questions that we ask can really turn off or draw in the person that we’re on a date with. This is particularly important to remember when it’s that all important first date and you’re trying to win the other person over. If you want to ensure that you don’t blow it and have them running for the hills, then here are the questions to avoid at all costs.

1. Want to go back to my place? This is the kiss of death on a date! Even if they like you or are interested in you sexually speaking, if you ask them this then you may as well just end the date right then. Nobody wants to be assumed to be easy and if you put it out there like this you are just verbalizing it. You are also showing a serious lack of respect that will drive them away, and this will end any further chances at being together in any sense.

2. Oh wow, are you a big eater? The last thing you want to do is make somebody feel self conscious on a date. Same goes for asking if they drink a lot. Even if you observe that they are eating or drinking a lot, don’t draw attention to it. They may be nervous or overcompensating, but it’s not up to you to point out. Let it all play out and the later you can joke about it if things work out.

3. Have you dated or slept with a lot of people? The cardinal rule of dating is to never ever ask about the past. This is true on a first date and most definitely until the two of you get comfortable together. Avoid any talk of the past or exes, and most especially never ask about who they slept with or any personal details. It will always work against you!

4. Why do all of your past relationships keep ending like that? The last thing you want to do is draw attention to a failed relationship. Don’t make them feel bad and don’t’ make yourself look bad in the process. They don’t want to think about the past right now, and it will certainly keep them from wanting a future with you.

5. Do you have any other baggage? Never refer to anything in their life as baggage. This will offend and can be particularly horrible if you are referring to children. Let them talk, get to know them, and then learn about what their past is made up of. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover and never refer to somebody’s past as baggage.


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