5 Elements of a Successful and Enjoyable Dating Life

5 Elements of a Successful and Enjoyable Dating Life

What’s the key to a good dating life? How can you ensure that you find somebody that makes you happy and still be true to who you are? These are questions that many of us have asked ourselves after a failed relationship. Though we may have the best intentions, successful dating life is about the balance that so few of us really work at. It’s time to change that!

If you go into the process thinking about the importance of a well-balanced dating life then you are more than likely going to stick with it. You do have to consider what’s important to you and ensure that you stick with those priorities. You do have to be sure that you don’t settle and that you find somebody that actually makes you happy. If you keep the following elements in mind then you can achieve that wonderful dating life that you’ve always wanted but never been able to achieve before.


You have balance

By far this is the most important element of successful dating life, and yet so few of us place enough emphasis on it. You have to maintain balance, both in your life and in theirs. You want to see each other, but you want to do so in healthy doses. Try not to get carried away in the feelings of the moment. Think of how this relationship can fit into a bigger picture and therefore help you to balance everything out.


You are happy but still maintain some healthy independence 

A big part of balance is maintaining some sort of healthy independence. This is important to think about because when you’re first dating somebody you have a tendency to want to jump in headfirst. You still should be yourself and do things that you enjoy. And never give up your entire life for somebody that you are dating. If you can keep a clear head and think about this, then you will achieve a much better outcome in the end.


You have a clear vision of your priorities and you stick to them 

You know what you want in a partner and you won’t settle for less. It’s clear that you think about what you want out of a relationship. In other words, you know what your true priorities are: both within this relationship and within your life as a whole. You are clear-headed and though you may want to find love, you won’t give up on what’s truly important to you. This benefits you and the person that you are dating as well!


You focus on the type of people that make you feel good about yourself

If you want happiness in dating then you need to focus on the type of people that make you feel good and insert positive emotions. This is the time to turn it around and find a truly good match. They should build you up and you should do the same thing for them. If that’s not happening, then it’s time to move on!


You live in the moment and aren’t consumed with the past or the future potential

You aren’t completely consumed with past relationships or how you were hurt. Though, you also aren’t totally focused on the future and the idea of marriage and the happy ending. You live in the moment and take things as they come to you. If you can maintain a clear head and truly enjoy the situation as it plays out, you will be so much happier for it. This is how to get what you want and actually enjoy the dating process too!


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