5 Date Ideas That Only Appeal To Men—Women Hate Them

5 Date Ideas That Only Appeal To Men—Women Hate Them

When planning out the first date you want something that will make both people happy. You want to go for an option that puts you both at ease and ensures that there is an opportunity to talk and get to know each other. If you think through a first date idea and really consider the needs and wants of both parties, then it’s sure to be a hit. If however you don’t plan something that the woman will like, then it’s going to be a disaster from the start.

You want to think through the needs of the man and the woman on the first date, but there are some ideas that are flawed from the start. If you are trying to plan something that appeals to you as the man and you don’t consider if she will like it or not, then you can kiss a second date goodbye. Though there are always exceptions to the rule, the reality is that a woman doesn’t want to do anything that makes her feel uncomfortable. She wants good middle ground and a fun date that helps her to determine if you are a good match for her—anything less than that and she will write you off from the first meeting!

So how can you plan something that will help her to feel comfortable? How can you avoid the dates that make you look bad or show that you are clearly not a match? Better yet, what do you need to avoid if you are hoping to ever see her again? Though there are exceptions to this, most women are not going to be interested in the following first date ideas. If you want to impress her then just steer clear of these to ensure that you win her over and don’t chase her away!

1. A sporting event: Sure, some women enjoy going to see a game, but you never want to assume here. If you want to be truly considerate then stay away from the sporting events, at least for the first date. This gives you a chance to get to know each other and then you can figure out if she’s into sports at all. Always play it safe and avoid the sporting events on the first date, or else it will look like you only planned something with yourself in mind. It’s not worth risking it and you can always go take in a game on a future date.

2. Something very athletic or physical: Sure, you may find out later that she’s super into rock climbing or that she loves playing beach volleyball—but what if she isn’t athletic at all? What if she feels self conscious playing sports or she would rather sit on the sidelines? Though a fun activity outside or at a gym may sound good to you, it may be a major turn off to her. If you’re not sure then don’t risk it and save your big rock climbing date for later on when you get to know each other more, and then you can really enjoy the adventure more together.

3. A comedy club: Though a good laugh is always a positive thing, you may not want to book this just yet. The problem here is that women worry about being singled out or made fun of by the comedian on stage. You also don’t know what her sense of humor is like, and if the comedian is off color you could risk offending her. Make her laugh, but don’t put her on the spot, save it for another occasion when you are sure of what she finds funny.

4. Swimming or anything that means they have to put on a bathing suit: Do not put her on the spot by forcing her to get into a bathing suit or anything that may make her feel uncomfortable. She may love the water and enjoy a good swim, but you don’t know that on the first date. Women want to make a good first impression and if she’s already uncomfortable in the wrong setting, you’ve already lost her.

5. A party at your friend’s house: Though she will certainly want to get to know your friends, the first date isn’t the best time for it. Parties are fun, but you are automatically going to be talking to your friends and not her. She will also be at a disadvantage knowing nobody, and therefore you are not going to impress her. Save the parties for later on when you get more serious and want to get to know each other’s friends and family.

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