4 Ways To Use Body Language Successfully In Attracting Women

4 Ways To Use Body Language Successfully In Attracting Women

You might not realize it, but the way that you carry yourself can say a lot about you. The reality is that getting in tune with the type of body language that you use and how you portray yourself can be the secret to attracting women. Though this may be an overlooked area of successful dating, it’s time to start focusing on it. Body language can make all the difference in the world if you are trying to win over a woman that you are interested in!

Any man can have the right words to say to a woman, but if there is no substance to them then they may as well just be noise. Any man can portray himself as a great catch or try to win over a woman with the life that he has, but in the end it doesn’t matter if his body language isn’t agreeing with what he has to say. Words are just words, but the way that you carry yourself and what you say with your body are ultimately the most important things to a woman. These can give her a glimpse into just how sincere you are or how much you want to make things work with her in the long run.

The thing to remember though is that you don’t want to try too hard. You do want your body language to convey a certain message, but you don’t want it to say the wrong thing.  If you try too hard it will come off as rehearsed, but if you are honest and straightforward then she will be able to see that as soon as you enter the room. Here are some simple ways to control your body language, and use it to attract that woman that you are truly interested in.

1. Learn how to smile more: It’s a very obvious thing that should inherently be part of our dating life. Women love to smile when they are happy, and so they want to see the same from you. When you can smile at her it shows that you are confident, you are comfortable, and that you are interested in her. Your smile can invite her to talk to you and put her at ease. Smiling at her when you first meet can actually act as a very attractive trait in showing her that you are the type of guy that she should talk to, for there is something beneath the surface well worth getting to know!

2.Be open to her and be sure that your body indicates this: Though you will come to understand and appreciate that, it can be a bit confusing at first. What this means in the way of body language is how you hold yourself. Are you standing with good posture and your shoulders held up? This will show her that you are confident and self assured, which she really wants in a man. Are you standing facing her and open, or do you have your arms crossed over your chest? Just how open you are to the room or to her can show if you are worth talking to or if you are closed off—so make it count from your very first encounter.

3. A small well placed touch can speak volumes: Once you do get to talking she is going to be looking at how you touch her, but in a very simplistic way. This can be something as simple as a gentle touch on the arm as she talks to you. As you get more comfortable, it may be putting your hand gently at the small of her back to let her walk in front of you. These are all telltale signs of attraction and can tell her everything that she needs to know about you without you even uttering a word.

4. Know that she is also looking for your proximity: As you get a bit more comfortable with one another or you are engaged in conversation, she is going to look at the way that you stand relative to her. She wants to know that you stand close to her and that you lean in a bit. This shows interest and active listening, and that’s very attractive to her in the big picture. Therefore the more that you can keep these things in mind, the more that you will be telling her that there is an attraction there that is hard to deny!

We spend so much time and effort thinking about what we say or the way that we say it, but body language can be just as important. Consider the way that you stand, how you look at her, and how you carry yourself around here and this may very well be the secret to true and lasting attraction moving forward.

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