4 Ways to Tell If You’re Dating “The One”

4 Ways to Tell If You’re Dating “The One”

When you think about “the one” do you have a positive feeling? Is this a romantic concept that you have considered for years and now you want to see it play out in real life? You may even be in a relationship now and you want to know how you can tell if this is the person you are meant to be with? Considering this means that you are doing an evaluation of things and also looking to the future.

When you get that feeling of comfort, sincerity, and a bond that you simply can’t put into words, these are usually good indicators that you’re with the one. It may come to you in a variety of different ways, but in the end you just know deep down that this is the person you are meant to be with. If you’re still unsure or if you want some great signs, here are a few ways to tell that you are truly dating “the one”.

These are Just a Few Ways to Tell for Sure

There’s no mistaking that these signs tell you that you are truly with the person you are meant to be with.

1. You can absolutely see a future with this person: If you can look at this person and genuinely see a future with them, that’s a good indicator. If you feel as if there is a great comfort in the idea of the future with this person, and it doesn’t make you feel apprehensive then you’ve got a good thing going. You may know at the same time or it may occur to you early on, but you can definitely see a future with the two of you together—and it feels really good!

2. There is a mutual respect, love, and admiration between the two of you: You both respect each other and that goes a long way. Men need respect more, and women make love more. So both are important to keep each partner happy, but it goes further than that. You have a genuine admiration for each other and you support each other, and it’s just such a beautiful union that you can’t even describe it.

3. There is great common ground and you two are compatible on so many levels: Though you may not agree on every single issue, you do have a good common ground. You are compatible, and that doesn’t mean that you agree upon everything but you do have common views on things. You have similar interests or share similar backgrounds—whatever that common ground is, it really helps the two of you to unite in a perfect way.

4. You make each other feel good and there’s a great support system alive and well: Love should make you feel good, and when you’re with the right person it does. You should feel supported in all that you do, and want to support them too. It’s just a nice general consensus and you don’t even have to put it into words. You adore each other, you make each other feel good, and even through the bad times you know that there is a love and compassion there that you’ve never experienced before. Finding “the one” is truly amazing, and somehow you just know it.

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