4 Ways to Make That First Real Date a Great One After Dating Online

4 Ways to Make That First Real Date a Great One After Dating Online

You’ve talked online and you’ve really developed a great basis. You are happy to get messages from him and you find that you feel excited to open your computer. Online dating is going really well, and you are hoping that this can lead to something bigger. So how can you turn a great online dating relationship into a great first real date?

Though you have already had plenty of good conversations online, it’s always a bit different to meet face to face. Sure you have a good foundation, but sometimes your nerves can get the best of you too. Though you may feel as though you can’t possibly overcome the first date jitters, there are some helpful ways to turn the first date into a great extension of your online relationship.

Here are some helpful ways to transition from an online relationship into a successful first date that can actually turn into something.

1. Work to create a good foundation first through your online chats:

Take the time to get to know each other when you’re chatting online. By creating a good foundation and excellent line of communication, you take a lot of the guesswork out of things. You don’t have to wonder what they are like for you already know them in a sense.

Sure meeting face to face is always different, however taking full advantage of a good online foundation will really help to take things to the next level. It can really pay off to spend time getting to know each other online first!

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2. Go in feeling comfortable, confident, and open to the possibilities:

You don’t have to feel the usual anxiety for there is a certain comfort level there. Sure it’s the first time you are actually getting to see each other, but much of the initial getting to know you work is already done.

Go in confident and open to where things might go, for you have an idea of what this person is all about. It may not be easy to overcome the jitters, but let your confidence win out especially in this situation.

3. Work hard not to let your nerves get the best of you, but rather enjoy the experience:

This is an issue of mind over matter, and if you can remember that it will help you every single time. Don’t let your nerves win out no matter how hard that may be. Just keep reminding yourself that you’ve already been dating this person in a way, and that will help you to see things for what they are.

Though this may not have started through the traditional route, you also have a much better starting point when you can get to know each other before that first meeting. No more anxiety for you have a much better way of starting things off!

4. Remember that you already know this person on a level so appeal to what you know in your approach:

This is not a stranger as you have encountered on other dates. This is a person that you know in a manner of speaking, and you certainly feel more comfortable around than starting from scratch. Go back to areas of common interest or rely on a good sense of humor.

Being able to go in knowing who you are talking to and just putting the face with the name is a great foundation. If you can keep all of this in mind then that first face to face meeting will just be a continuation of a great relationship that has already been building.

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In general, people who ask more before the first date have a better experience than those who wait until they meet to find out important information. So go ahead and make your first real date not the last one! 😉

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