4 Ways to Detect an Emotionally Unavailable Person

4 Ways to Detect an Emotionally Unavailable Person

If you’ve been with somebody who is emotionally detached, then you know what that feels like. It can be hard to tell for some people just aren’t as emotional as others, so how can you tell for sure? There’s a big difference between somebody who is emotionally unavailable and somebody who just doesn’t emote freely, so it’s important to note the differences.

You will ultimately feel as if something is lacking or something is wrong. You may be very loving or emotional with them, you and you will often get nothing back in return. You may feel as though you are throwing darts at a dart board and constantly coming back with nothing. So if you find yourself in a situation where you are questioning if they are emotionally unavailable, here’s how to tell for sure. Then it’s time to seek out other alternatives!

1. They lack any close relationships in their own life: The type of people who don’t have relationships with their family or who lack any real friends are a bit dangerous. If you are questioning why they don’t have anybody in their life that they feel close to, then chances are that they are emotionally unavailable. Take a look at their relationships and if no real ones exist then this is a good indication that something is missing.

2. They seem to have a hard time articulating how they feel: Some people just aren’t as emotional as others, but some can’t put into words how they feel ever. If they seem pained to talk about their feelings on even the simplest matter, then you may have your answer. Talking about feelings shouldn’t be painful and if it is then something is lacking or there is something painful in their past. You can’t fix them so don’t try!

3. They can’t talk about future plans with you and it actually pains them: Again if talking about the future seems too much for them then something is wrong. If any discussion of future plans or the future tense seems to be stressful or overwhelming for them, then it’s time to look elsewhere. Not only will you never have a future with this person, but they need to figure out their own situation first.

4. They show very little emotion and certainly don’t reciprocate your sentiments:  You may be very forthcoming about your feelings and you get nothing back from them. You may talk about how you feel or what you think of them, and you get a blank stare. Having a hard time sharing emotions is one thing, but you are coming up without any indication of what they think or feel. Don’t invest into a relationship or person that you are going nowhere with.

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