4 Ways to Date Smarter to Get That Relationship You Want

4 Ways to Date Smarter to Get That Relationship You Want

Are you not exactly enjoying the whole dating process the way that you used to? Does it feel as if you are always at the mercy of somebody else? Do you want the type of relationship that you have always dreamed of once and for all? If you feel like dating has lost its luster and you’re ready to give up on that ideal man, then it’s time to date smarter.

You probably think that you’re doing all the right things, but it may be a matter of slowing down and taking inventory. Anyone can go out there and date anybody, but are you going about it the right way? Do you even honestly know what you want? If you’re taking inventory and really being truthful with yourself, then you need to come up with a strategy that work better for you. Dating smarter ultimately gets you what you want!

So if you’re ready to change your focus and really enjoy dating again, here’s how to date smarter and get what you want once and for all!

1. Spend a little time alone and do some soul searching: Before you jump into the next relationship, take the time to slow down and really think. Doing some soul searching about what’s gone wrong in the past and what you want in the future helps you to get what you want.

It all starts with you and thinking through what you really want in a partner and a relationship. When you can get to that point then you will find true bliss. Until you take time to slow down and think through everything, you will likely keep repeating the very same patterns.

2. Be realistic with what you absolutely need to be happy in a relationship:
Though you don’t want to focus on the past, you do want to learn from it. Think about what made you unhappy or what ultimately ended the relationship. Consider what you may have done wrong and what you weren’t getting out of the relationship.

This will all add up to helping you to see what you really need to be happy in a relationship. To get what you want you need to be clear on your needs and then you can truly find a mate that helps to meet them and give you what you’ve always wanted.

3. Focus on your ideal mate and don’t settle if they don’t stack up: You know what you want if you’ve spent time thinking about it. You know what you didn’t get in a partner in the past, and now it’s time to make it right. You may even want to list out traits that really matter to you in your future partner, and then you know what you need. Never settle for dating just to date will never end well, and certainly won’t get you what you want. The right mate is out there, but it’s a matter of waiting for it and then focusing on the traits that matter the most to you.

4. Remain confident, positive, and focused on long term happiness and it will be yours: Don’t get down if you don’t find that perfect relationship right away, it may take time. Though you don’t want to be picky, you want to be sure to be confident in who you are and what you want and deserve.

Be positive, feel good about dating and the path that you create, and focus on what will bring you happiness in the long term. Getting out of the short term view and dating just for the sake of dating starts you down the right path — then the rest is up to you to find that true happiness that only you can define!

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