4 Types of Men Who Will Never Make You Happy

4 Types of Men Who Will Never Make You Happy

Do you ever wonder if you are with the right type of guy? Have you had an experience where the seemingly nicest guy ended up being your worst mistake? Don’t you wish you had a clue about who the wrong type of might be? The answer may be easy to see if you allow yourself to look for it.

Though you may not always want to face the truth, the reality is that many men have some red flags to them that you simply can’t ignore. Though there are some men out there that seem amazing, if you look beneath the surface you can tell that this is definitely not the type that’s for keeps. Here’s how to tell that you are dealing with the wrong type of guy!

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The Flirt

He is so charming that you couldn’t help but fall for him. He has a certain way that makes you smile and you notice that this is how he is with everyone. People are drawn to him especially women, and it’s actually starting to make you wonder. If he’s that flirtatious with you, then there’s a very good chance that he’s a player. If he did it once he will surely do it again—so know that the flirt is never a good catch!


“Mr. Wonderful” 

He seems too good to be true, and that’s because he is. He seems so charismatic and everyone is drawn to him. Most of the time this is just an act. At the end, you may find that there is something behind it which might be deep and dark. Don’t let his fabulous facade fool you if he seems too good to be true. He may be fooling somebody else at the same time. Not just you.


The guy you have to take care of 

You may feel the need to take care of people and it’s just who you are. Maybe nurturing a guy is a good thing and you like that feeling of being needed. You may even think that this is cute or that it draws you to him even more.

Guess what? Though taking care of him is great now, that will wear on you after a while. Soon enough you will realize that it’s annoying and that he comes to expect it—and that you are not being taken care of. Steer clear of this guy because it never tends to end well.

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The guy who has never been tamed before 

You are sure that you’ll be the one who calms him down. You are certain that you can get him to settle down with you and have a future. Though he has a bad track record and has never really been in a long-term relationship, you accept the challenge.

Even though you may think that you could be the exception, the reality is that you are going to end up hurt. If he’s never been tamed before now is not the time for it, so step away and recognize that there’s a reason he has a history like this.


It’s true that all people are different but these signs are pretty common for most of the guys. So, if you don’t want to date a man who won’t make you happy, just be aware of these signs.

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  • I was dating “Mr. Wonderful”. And it’s not only that it didn’t work out. I know that this kind of relationship doesn’t have any future. But I’m still thinking about him all the time!

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