4 Things to Ask Yourself When You’re Mad at Your Guy

4 Things to Ask Yourself When You’re Mad at Your Guy

We all get mad at our men from time to time, but sometimes can be worse than others. You might think that he’s out to hurt you or that you’re being too sensitive, but sometimes it’s just as much him as it is you. Though you may feel that men are just insensitive, is it just that you took something he said wrong?

Before you get into a knock down drag out fight, you may want to consider what really went wrong. If you find that you’re mad at him and you want to do a bit of evaluation, it can really pay off. This can help us to avoid many fights and can also help us to see things clearly. So take a step back, take a deep breath, and ask yourself these questions the next time you’re mad at your man!

1. Did he really mean it the way I took it? Men are very literal creatures and women are very emotional creatures. Sometimes getting the two to meet in the middle is not always easy. You have to ask yourself if he really meant how he came off, or if you’re reading more into it. Oftentimes a man will answer a question or just react to something without giving things much thought. If you want to be sure if you should be mad at him or not, take the time to look at it and really evaluate if he meant it the way that you took it.

2. Is he a nice guy most of the time and this is an isolated incident? Sometimes he may have had a bad day, and he takes it out on you. If he feels out of control or frustrated then he may snap at you, and it can be an isolated incident. If he’s a nice guy most of the time, then cut him some slack. Everyone makes mistakes and this is likely his to make, so you may just have to let it slide. If he’s usually really in tune to your feelings and cares about you deeply, then it may be worth moving past in the end.

3. Does he have a pattern of hurting my feelings or did he just react to something? Be honest in your assessment here because this really matters in the big picture. If he is the type who hurts your feelings often then that’s a justified reason to be mad at him. If he is just reacting to you or if he’s usually a good guy then you can let it go. If however he has a pattern of hurting your feelings or putting his own first, then you need to have a more serious conversation.

4. Am I being too sensitive or critical, or is this all justified? You have to really get a sense for if it’s you or if it’s him. Ask yourself honestly if you’re being too critical or quick to react, or if it’s justified. Sometimes we can react and see later that it wasn’t that important. Take the time to really look at this and it may be worth getting over fast than it all started in the first place.

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