4 Sweetest Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

4 Sweetest Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Do you want to do something nice for your girlfriend? Do you want to win her over without going crazy or being over the top? Are you totally into her and want to show that once and for all? The good news is that you don’t have to go big to show her how you feel. 

It may be that you plan something with her in mind to show how much you appreciate her. Though you might not realize it, sometimes the simplest gestures can mean so much to your girlfriend and here’s how to make her feel the love.

1. Plan a mini vacation: It could be just at a hotel down the street or something more elaborate. Take into consideration what you could squeeze into both of your schedules and plan around it. The fact that you take the initiative to plan a vacation for just the two of you, even over a weekend, will blow her mind.

Make a hotel reservation and even a couple of dinner reservations and see how she reacts. She will absolutely love that you put this thought into things, and it will make for a nice little escape just the two of you.

2. Plan a day of fun for just the two of you: Think of what she likes to do and then plan the day around it. Some good ideas can include a hike or a walk at a local park, lunch outside, a fun activity like a bike ride or painting class together, dinner at a favorite restaurant, and so on.

The point is that you are showing that you know her and this day of fun really demonstrates this. It also allows you to spend time with each other and fall deeper in love at the same time!

3. Send flowers or something special to her at work: Think of a fruit bouquet, cookies, or flowers to send to her workplace. Something special that will show her that you are thinking of her even throughout the work day. It’s a nice gesture that goes a long way with making your girlfriend feel special. Women love that extra attention that shows that you put thought into things, and it is sure to perk up her day which makes it a truly winning plan!

4. Write a love letter: The art of letter writing is not alive and well anymore, but it should be. If you want to win over your girlfriend then write her a good old fashioned love letter to tell her how you really feel. It doesn’t need to be a marriage proposal, but it can put your feelings into simple but well thought out words.

You will be amazed at how your expression like this can really make her feel great. It doesn’t take much from you except getting your thoughts down on paper, and she will be totally into you when she gets a chance to read it.

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