4 Best Traits of an Ideal Dating Partner

4 Best Traits of an Ideal Dating Partner

You may have dated your fair share of losers, and you want to know what to do differently this time around. You are tired of ending up in a “go-nowhere” relationship and so you want to focus on the right type of partner. Don’t you wish you could capture what makes up an ideal dating partner once and for all?

Well, you can and it’s easier to identify than you might think!

Though an ideal partner may vary for each of us in terms of their specific makeup, there are some characteristics that are universal. If you can focus on this and really use them to help you find the right person, then you’re going to turn around your dating life. These traits let you know that you’ve found a good partner and that you can finally feel at ease and enjoy yourself a bit more.

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Here are the best traits of your ideal dating partner, and when you find these in one person then you know it’s true magic!


They are so easy to be around 

There’s just this connection and it’s so easy, and you don’t even have to work at it. You are happier when they are around because things are easy, breezy, and it’s just a content feeling that’s hard to describe. When you have found somebody that you just feel at ease with and that makes life easier and better, then they are a keeper.


They take turns in planning things and letting you take the lead 

It’s a true partnership and that shows in every sense of the word. You plan some things but not everything, and vice versa. It’s not a situation where either of you takes control, but you take turns in planning things and doing things for each other. It’s that give-and-take attitude that helps to make them a good catch.


They help you to feel like your best self 

The right person makes you feel happy and positive and helps to support you. They not only help you to be yourself, but they raise your confidence level too. They are totally into you and making you happy, and they help you to be your best too. It’s such a positive feeling, and there is a great deal of support and respect involved too.

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You share a union but still maintain a healthy bit of independence too 

You are definitely united and happy with each other, but you’re also not dependent or clingy. Both of you can still maintain some independence, you still see your friends and maintain parts of your routine. You are happy being together, but you are also free to be yourself too. When you find somebody who helps you to achieve this perfect position within dating, then you know that they are the one that is right for you.


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