3 Worst Types of Dates For Men

3 Worst Types of Dates For Men

When you’re getting ready for a date, you may think what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to look. You may spend a lot of time in preparing yourself to look your best for you know that this is important in the first date. You may spend a lot of time in thinking through your physical traits—but your attitude really has much to do with how the date will go. There are things that he’s looking for, and there are also things that he will do his best to avoid at all costs. If you’re not considering your attitude and what you’re putting out there, then you may be missing out on a major element of dating.

The thing to remember is that men can tell a lot about you in the first date. Sure your appearance is part of this for physical attraction will always be important to him. There are other things though that he wants to see, and there are things that he definitely wants to avoid. There are a few different types of dates that a man does not want to have, for they will lead to nothing but drama in his life. Not only can these types of dates mean that he’s not interested in you, but he may run out of there never to call again.

Though you always want to be true to who you are, it’s important not to fall into any of these common dating stereotypes. The only way to ensure that is to be slightly mysterious and confident, but also be true to who you are. The first date is about impressing each other, and it all starts with the attitude that you put out there—avoid these at all costs!

1. The Needy Woman: Men do not like a woman who is clingy or dependent early on or at all! This is the woman that is all into him but way too early on. She seems to be in need of his validation and she can’t stop looking at him with her hungry eyes. She wants a relationship and she is going to work her hardest to make this work out. The problem is that as she keeps trying, he keeps getting turned off by her and the negative cycle continues. Stop trying so hard and know that needy or dependent is actually a turn off and never a positive trait. If you recognize that early on then you can likely get the second date!

2. The Drunk and Desperate Woman: Oh the worst is the woman who gets blasted on the first date and makes a fool of herself! She may be nervous or she may really want this date, but she gives into the pressure and gets drunk and really does not present herself well. Always remember that being desperate, whether it’s for sex or a relationship, will work against you. He doesn’t like it and you make yourself look bad, so focus on true self-respect.

3. The Closed Off or Cold Woman: Though a man does like a little bit of mystery, he does not want a woman that is cold to him. If you think that being mysterious means that you are being mean to him, then this is totally wrong. Do not try to come off as cold or conceited, for this is not a reflection of confidence. He will think that you’re not interested in him if you try too hard to be the other way. Find a balance and stop coming off as cold, or he’ll give up really easily.

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