3 Ways to Tell If You Are Destroying a Relationship before It Even Begins

3 Ways to Tell If You Are Destroying a Relationship before It Even Begins

Do you feel like you have been through your fair share of bad relationships? Are you worried that you’ll never break the cycle? Are you quick to blame it on him when you know deep down that you have a part in it? If you feel like relationships tend to be over before they even get started, then there’s something amiss overall.

There are things that we do, patterns that we get into, and behaviour that we display which can wreak havoc on a relationship. Though it’s not all you, there are certainly things that you contribute which can tend to ruin a relationship. There are also usually some significant red flags that we tend to ignore when really we should be paying closer attention.

If you want to know that a relationship is over or even try to avoid the same bad habits, then here are some telltale signs that things are destroyed before they can even have a chance to progress.

1. You get physical with the right away and therefore give it all away: If you jump into bed with him then you may as well kiss any relationship hopes goodbye. Getting physical too quickly and too often early on can be the kiss of death. Many women think that they need to progress the sexual relationship because it’s what the man wants — but just the opposite is true.

If you give it all up early on then you are leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. It’s important to wait and to make him work for it a bit, and if you get physical too early he won’t respect you or have anything to look forward to. Don’t do it!

2. You put all your cards on the table and leave nothing to the imagination: He wants to have to work for you a bit and he wants a bit of mystery. He wants to see that there is more to learn about you, and he also wants to be challenged. It’s good to share and get to know each other. However, if you are a completely open book then he’s going to lose interest really fast.

You must be sure to hold some things back and to allow time to really get to know each other. If you don’t then he’ll get bored very easily, and he will lose interest in what he already knows. Save some things for later and use a little mystery to your advantage, it will be well worth it in the end!

3. You are ready to give everything up just to make them happy: Sure he’s really nice to show your love and dedication, but not to an extreme extent. It’s important to maintain balance for both of your sakes! You need to maintain a healthy bit of independence or else you come across as clingy or needy. Keep up with your gym routine, go out with your friends, do things that you still enjoy all along the way.

Sure you want to make him happy and you want to create a loving relationship, but not at the cost of your own happiness. By trying to make only him happy you come across as dependent and that’s a turn off anyhow. Stop the cycle and be able to stand on your own two legs and keep things balanced out.

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