3 Ways To Tell If She’s Ms. Wrong and Avoid Her For Good

3 Ways To Tell If She’s Ms. Wrong and Avoid Her For Good

There’s so much emphasis placed on keeping a woman safe from the wrong type of guy. What about keeping a man safe from the totally wrong type of girl? We tend to think of men as the ones who can play games or mess with emotions, but it can be just as easily done by women. If you’re a guy that is looking for a serious relationship or at least just to date the right type of woman, there are some things to avoid to keep yourself safe. It pays to be in tune to these elements!

There are some women out there that will truly play games. They may have been hurt in the past and therefore want to protect themselves. They may be at a point in their life where they just want to have a little fun. There are also some women who are simply looking for a relationship or somebody to give them what they want in the future — and they don’t care if you are a good match or not. These are the types of things that can make up “Ms. Wrong” who will hurt you or leave you wishing that you had never gone down this path.

Sure it may not be as common or as openly discussed as the wrong type of man, but these are very real issues. If you want to keep yourself safe and ensure that you don’t waste your time or emotions, then there are some things to be on the lookout for. These are common behaviors or issues that may come up and therefore can indicate that you should run for the hills. Here are the things that can tell you that you are with Ms. Wrong and that you need to get out of that relationship and avoid her for the long haul.

1. She’s super clingy or talking about the future constantly: You may very well like it at first that she’s super into you. It may boost your ego and help you to think that she’s a good girl. In the end though if she’s super clingy with you from early on, then she’s just into this for the relationship. She may also be the type of woman that will give up everything in her life just to be what you want her to be. She may lack her own identity and just be a pleaser, and that grows old fast. You don’t want a woman that is constantly talking about the future, because in the end she only wants to be with you to get married or to have that happy ending that she’s always dreamed of—on some level she may be using you!

2. She seems less than honest or like she has something to hide: Make no mistake, women can play games too. If she doesn’t seem on the “up and up” then there may be something to it. Remember that if she seems like she has something to hide or seems too rehearsed she may be playing you too. This is not something just reserved for men, because women may do this so that they don’t get hurt or because they just want to have fun. If she doesn’t seem to be true and honest, then she is not the right type of girl for you.

3. She doesn’t seem too interested in you as a person, but rather just wants to be in a relationship: She doesn’t seem to take a vested interest in your work or in your life at all. She has no real interest in meeting your friends or family. She wants to keep inserting you into her life, but doesn’t make the attempt to get to know you or become part of your life at all. She may be a control freak or she may be just using you to check something off of her list. She wants to be in a relationship but she’s not as interested in you as a person as she is in her status with a boyfriend. Not a good match in any way, and therefore you are wasting your time!

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