3 Ways To Tell If He’s Serious About You

3 Ways To Tell If He’s Serious About You

Do you know that you’re happy together but wonder how he feels sometimes? Don’t you wish you could tell firsthand if he’s serious about you? Believe it or not, he may be quite serious about you and showing telltale signs that you aren’t picking up on.

Men will often show their level of interest and commitment in some subtle ways that they are hoping speak volumes. If you can sit back and enjoy the process and really take a look at things, then you can very well find out that he is totally into you now and into the future as well.


He genuinely wants to get to know your friends and family

If you find a guy that wants to know who you are and where you come from then hold on tight. A guy who truly wants to get to know your friends and family is all about you. Men don’t put forth this type of effort unless they are in it for keeps.

If he wants to see where you come from and what you’re all about, this is an excellent way to do so. Enjoy this and make the effort with those who are important to him too.


He talks about a future with you effortlessly

You most definitely don’t have to force him to talk about the future. He makes plans in the future about events or things you will do together. And he may even talk about what the future may hold for you or what next steps may be.

He seems very open to discussing what he wants in the future too, and more than likely that includes you. Know that a guy who can talk about your couple in future tense is a guy who is quite serious about you too.


He seems to be drawn to everything about you

It’s not just about the physical with him. It’s not just about your good points or the positive attributes either. He can laugh at some of your strangest traits, find some of your idiosyncrasies endearing and he isn’t put off by them. He’s a guy that seems drawn to you in every sense of the word.

You may have noticed that he can’t seem to get enough of you, even if he doesn’t put that into words. Or that he is all about you for the person that you are, and it’s a refreshing change.
If he can enjoy everything about you and not feel scared away by any of the things that may cause other men to run, he is definitely serious about you


We all have positive and negative things about ourselves, but the right guy is interested in all of it. If he seems to be your partner or wants to be there for you and with you, then you have a good guy. You can be sure that he is totally in love with you. And if a guy is serious about you then a future is something that comes naturally and easily, and you can truly get a sense for this.

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