3 Ways to Send the Perfect Message with Your Valentine’s Flowers

3 Ways to Send the Perfect Message with Your Valentine’s Flowers

Flowers are the classic and really perfect Valentine’s Day gift to show your love and appreciation. You see them everywhere and chances are that you have purchased flowers at some point for a loved one. This is one of the very things that Valentine’s Day is associated with, and so you really can’t go wrong with the flowers that you send. If you put the right thought into it though, you can send a really unique and wonderful message to your loved one with the flower arrangement that you send them.

Yes, flowers are always nice, but you can make yours stand out. You can send a really special message just by picking the right color of flower. You can put a little extra something special into your flowers to make them stand out over everything else. Flowers can go a long way, but a little special something or the right message portrayed can make them the best bouquet ever. Yes flowers really can mean that much, and so you have to consider this as you put together your arrangement.

Here are some important considerations to help you send the perfect message with your Valentine’s flowers. You don’t have to go overboard, but rather let the perfect flowers do the talking for you.

1. Pick the right color to say what you want to say: Sure, we tend to think of roses for Valentine’s Day, but you can take that a step further. Red flowers are the ultimate color of love and passion. So sending red roses signifies this, but any type of red flower can capture this message. Orange flowers signify joy and universal happiness, so this makes for the perfect complement or stand alone flower.

White flowers mean purity, and that may even signify the perfect and pure love and connection that the two of you share. Blue and purple flowers show grace, elegance, and a classic appeal to them. Yellow flowers signify friendship at any level. So combine them as you like or just focus on the emotion that you want your flower color to convey!

2. Amaze with an over the top arrangement or fill a room with them: Rather than sending the same red roses everywhere which are nice, take your flower arrangement to the next level. You want to wow them with a really well planned bouquet of flowers that gives off that wow factor. Focus on some exotic flowers and use some really vivid colors to take their breath away.

You also can’t go wrong by filling a room with flowers and flower petals. You will be sure to get their attention and it really goes above and beyond. Even a couple of bouquets scattered throughout a room show that you are in love and you want to shower them with happiness.

3. Go for simple and well stated with the perfect accessory and card: A nice well written card with your flowers will get a smile more than anything else. You can also add in the perfect accessory to make it a more personalized bouquet of flowers too. A nice box of chocolates, a balloon, a teddy bear, or even some special gift that shows that you know them helps to offset the flowers perfectly.

Your flowers already can send the perfect message when you think through the bouquet, and any of these complementary items plus a nice card send the message that you love and adore this person before you!

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