3 True Facts about Sex in a Relationship (That Everyone Should Know About)

3 True Facts about Sex in a Relationship (That Everyone Should Know About)

There are so many so-called “rules” you need to follow in your relationship that after some time you start losing a sense of what is really right and wrong in your couple. It goes to your life as well. So when you hear that other couples are having exciting sex five times a week, you start thinking that maybe there is something wrong with your relationship. And is it a relationship at all?

In order to dispel these myths, here we got some true facts about sex in a relationship that no one is actually talking about. But we are pretty sure everyone should know about them.

Fake orgasm is not a trend anymore

It’s a proven fact that men (mostly) care a lot about women’s orgasms. It’s quite important for them to know that they can satisfy their partner’s needs. That’s why faking an orgasm was such a common thing. However, it shouldn’t stay a trend anymore! Psychologists and sexologist had a huge study to claim that the only way you can improve your sexual and lives is by talking to each other. Seems quite simple, huh? Nevertheless, not everyone is ready yet to ask their partner to change something in bed.

So, forget about “fake orgasm” as a normal thing for your relationship. Having an adult conversation is the only thing that will undoubtfully improve your relationship.

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Healthy sex life is whatever works for the two of you

For some couples, it may mean having sex five times a week or doing it only in a romantic atmosphere. Don’t look at their example, though. Their relationship is completely different from yours and their sex rules are working only for them. And if you and your partner feel comfortable having sex once a month, then it totally works for you. And remember, the quantity of having sex has nothing to do with the quality of sex in a relationship 😉

Porn may affect your sex life a lot

A lot of couples uses porn as a tool to turn on or even learn some new moves. However, don’t think that it won’t affect your relationship in a bad way. Porn videos raise high expectations and it’s not likely that you’ll be able to perform on the same level. Also, studies have shown that the tandem of porn and masturbation actually “reduces the value of intercourse” because it is much more physiologically satisfying than masturbation alone. Though, if you are not scared by this, watching porn together may be also a great way to spice up your relationship.

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