3 Tips to Pull off the Perfect Valentine’s Day Surprise

3 Tips to Pull off the Perfect Valentine’s Day Surprise

When it comes to Valentine’s Day a lot of people like to surprise their loved ones, and it’s such a fun thing to do. You might think that it’s impossible to surprise your loved one if they are always in tune with the details, but with some effort you can pull it off. Sure, you have to really plan for this and make it fun, but you will feel so happy when it works. Think through the details, take the lead, and remember that it will all come together.

There are some surefire ways to surprise even the most controlling person. You don’t have to leave everything as a surprise, but one little detail or well planned idea can go a long way. Just appeal to who they are, plan around it, ask for a bit of help if needed, and then focus on your happy ending. You can’t go wrong with a well planned surprise at Valentine’s Day, and they will be simply amazed that you pulled it altogether just for them. So if you can keep this in mind and focus on what this is all for, then you can make it happen.

Here are some simple but effective tips to help you pull off the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise for your loved one.

1. Start the surprises first thing in the morning: Shock them with breakfast in bed, gifts by their bedside, or a plan for the day that you get to convey as soon as they wake up. If you set the right tone with a simple surprise first thing in the morning, you start them off smiling.

You may have a day of fun planned or you just might want to swoop them off their feet. Start it early, carry it out, and then let them enjoy that you shocked them before their eyes were even open. It also takes the stress off of you by pulling it off first thing, and then letting the rest of the day happen before you.

2. Pack a bag for them or take care of all the details: If you are getting away even overnight, then pack their bags for you. Hire the babysitter or have the kids all taken care of. Make the reservation, plan the time at the spa, buy tickets for the movie, or take care of any of the details that are needed for the day.

You can either tell them that you are taking care of the day or just do it, and then let the surprise sink in as it happens. Just taking the lead on the details, particularly if they always handle things, will make for the perfect Valentine’s Day alone, and then you get to enjoy seeing their priceless reaction as they relax and enjoy.

3. Appeal to what they like and make this the focus of your big surprise and reveal:
Plan a day that is very much in line with what they like, and use this as the focus of your surprise. Make a reservation at their favorite restaurant, get tickets to the ballet, pick up a bottle of their favorite wine, or give them a gift that is all about them.

Surprise them by showing just how much you know them, and then catering the entire day or gift to them. This will sweep them off their feet, show that you put in extra effort, and really help to surprise them in a fun and inventive way that can’t be beat!

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