3 Things To Consider If You Want To Kiss On The First Date

3 Things To Consider If You Want To Kiss On The First Date

It’s the end of the date and that magical moment where you ponder what happens next. Do you give the first kiss? Do you hold off and wait for another date? Will things progress too quickly? Are you going to appear too eager if you allow this first kiss to happen? It’s a thought process that seems never ending and it’s enough to make your anxiety level rise—but never fear for there are a few rules to think through if you are considering the first kiss. Don’t over think it, just prepare yourself for this in advance if it should become an issue!

The truth is that the first kiss can tell the other person a lot, so you have to consider that in the long run. This can tell them that you are interested, this can tell them that you want more from them, but it may also tell them that you are too eager. If you want to throw caution to the wind and you don’t really care much about where things go, then it’s fine. If however you want to be somebody that holds off, keeps things interesting, and appears slightly mysterious then by all means just wait. The first kiss is a very personal thing and therefore you want to put thought into it and consider where you are at in this first meeting. There is no right or wrong here, but rather things that you want to consider before you take things to this level.

The first kiss can be magical or it can be horrible, it just depends on the two people involved and the circumstances. There should be no pressure to kiss, though it can tell you a lot. If you feel confused or if you just want to think through everything in advance, then here are some things that can help you to decide for yourself.

1. Is the date going well and therefore this feels like a natural next step? If things are going well and you really feel like you are making a connection then go for the kiss. If you are enjoying each other’s company and therefore this feels like a next natural thing to do then go with the impulse. There is no reason to refrain from the first kiss if you feel that love connection, so just see where the date takes you. Though you do want to remain somewhat mysterious the first kiss can just feel so normal when you find a real match. Try to remain in control, but know that sometimes the chemistry between two people is just impossible to ignore.

2. Can you stop at just the first kiss? This is by far the most important consideration in advance and throughout the date. If you go in for the first kiss can you stop things at that? Do you really want to take things to a physical level? If you are afraid that you can’t control your impulses and you don’t want to get too physical yet then hold off. If however you are really into this moment then enjoy it, but try to hold off on progressing if you want to keep things interesting. A first kiss can tell you a lot about that chemistry, but just try to stay in control so that you don’t end up with a one night stand.

3. Are you sending a positive message and ensuring that they want to get to know you further on a second date? If you feel like the two of you are in sync then go for the kiss. Just be sure that it’s sending the right message and that it’s just a nice way to end the date. Try to look for their nonverbal and see how the flirting and communication is throughout so that you can decide if the first kiss is right. It can be a great way of saying that you like them and want to see them again, but just keep it short and sweet to accomplish that. It’s a great way to cap things off if you can invite them to get to know you better on future dates!

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