3 Reasons To Look Beyond The First Date and Move On

3 Reasons To Look Beyond The First Date and Move On

That first date can be an exhausting and often very unfulfilling experience to say the least. Though the first date is where we get to make our first impression and see where things go, it’s often not a great determination of who the other person is. If you’re being honest you may not have even put your best foot forward and so you often need a second shot at making things work. That first date may just be a springboard to better things to come!

If you find that most first dates end in disaster, then maybe you need to change your approach. If you’re feeling frustrated or disillusioned then you may want to give that second date a chance. You never know until you try, and therefore you could be missing out on something great if you give up after that first encounter. This goes for both parties, and it’s important advice to remember.

Unless it’s a total bust, try to give things a second chance beyond just that first date. You are not always your best and neither are they, and so you want to see where things go. Obviously you want to be aware for any warning signs, but in most instances you just need to give it another shot. If you still feel unsure, then here are some important tips to help you to determine if it could be a potential match and if moving beyond that first date is worth your while.

1. Everyone is anxious or nervous and they may not be at their best: Unless your date is a total dud or clearly not a match, give them a chance to really prove who they are. Remember that on that first date everyone gets nervous, anxious, and may put a side of themselves forward that isn’t really them at all. You more than likely felt a bit nervous and so did they, so give things a chance to calm down and see if it’s better on that second date. You may just find that it’s a totally different experience!

2. You don’t get the chance to really get to know each other until you give it more time: In just one date you don’t really get to know each other that well. It’s not until you have had a chance to feel more comfortable and speak confidently that you can open up, and same goes for them. You are only seeing them for a limited time on the first date and it may not even be in the right environment. So by giving it a second chance you may find a more favorable impression and a better shot at relationship happiness!

3. You may find you are a better match if you give it a little time and have an open mind: You may have gone into the first date with preconceived notions and they may have done the same. You may have already cut them off because you didn’t like the way they chewed. You may have already decided it wasn’t going to work in your mind and therefore didn’t give it a true chance. If you give it another date then you can see if you truly are a match and have a better likelihood of seeing what you’re both about. The second date is a much better chance of deciding if you could date this person, so let it at least get to that point and go in with an open mind for things.

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