3 First Date Questions to Break the Ice and Get to Know Each Other Better

3 First Date Questions to Break the Ice and Get to Know Each Other Better

That first date, everyone dreads it and goes in without a plan of attack. Not only do you never have to be terrified, but you can actually enjoy and embrace it. When you find yourself wondering how you can go in to ensure that you have a great first date, it’s all about getting to know each other. This starts with the right questions that help to take the anxiety and first-date awkwardness away.

Don’t be over rehearsed or try too hard, but do put yourself out there to get a sense of who they are. These questions can help to get the conversation moving and ensure that you are both able to enjoy a good chat. By asking these questions you put your date at ease and get to know what you need to see, so these are well worth a try.

1. What do you want for your future?

This is where you get to see what their future plan is and it can help to set the tone. You’re not directly asking about marriage and kids, but you are asking them to create a picture of what they want down the road. It can tell you if they have professional or personal aspirations and really shed some light on what makes them the way they are. It also ensures that you make a good decision if you want to keep things going, for their future plans will help to dictate if this is a match or not. It’s a low-pressure way to ask an important question.

2. What is your best way to spend spare time?

This tells you about their hobbies and their interests. It shows you if they are a workaholic or if they take the time to enjoy life. It tells you if they are somebody who likes to be with loved ones or if they are a bit of a loner. Though you may not realise it, this question helps to set the tone for who they are as a person. Beyond their profession, the way an individual spends their spare time can speak volumes. So this question can shed some light on who they are and if they are somebody you want to spend more time with. You won’t give it all away, but you will learn if they will ever be that into you.

3. What would your friends and family say about you?

This gives your date an opportunity to talk about those close to them, and that speak volumes even through body language alone. This gives them a chance to speak to what makes them a good person or put themselves down a bit. This shows you if they have a sense of humour or if they take life too seriously. When they are asked to talk about themselves but in this guarded way, it really ensures that you learn what you need to learn and decide if you want to keep dating beyond this first encounter.

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