10 Great Long-Distance Date Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

10 Great Long-Distance Date Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

During these difficult times, the number of long-distance relationships has increased. And for such couples, it can be challenging to keep the bond strong and the spark alive. Even with the help of modern technologies, audio and video calls, nothing can truly replace face-to-face communication. To help you get as close to that in-person experience as possible, we have put together 10 great ideas on how you can spend time together.

Surprise each other with unboxing date

Using mail or online delivery services, you can send your partner any gift or package. There is nothing better than watching your partner’s happy face when they unpack something special.

Become artists for a while and create something together

Creating art together can help you grow as a couple. You can arrange a date when you both paint a picture, make a small project or sculpture at the same time. You can also try to draw together online using apps like FlockDraw to create something in real-time. It all depends on your imagination and desire.

Start to house-hunt or plan your future dates

Nothing can last forever, and relationships at a distance have a time frame. For such a relationship, it is essential to build joint plans for the future, determine the dates when you can see each other and what you will do when you meet. Dream about a trip somewhere to a beautiful place, imagine a house in which you both want to live, visualize your desires and plans for your relationship. It will help you stay excited for a better tomorrow as a couple.

Play online games together

You can connect online in a new way with a two-player game. Play word games, poker, or any other game you prefer for a bit of friendly competition. Playing games will let you do something other than just talking and will show you different sides of your partner’s character in unusual scenarios.

Read your love letters aloud

There is nothing more romantic than a love letter. Magical moments when you can hear your partner reading it out loud to you. Add a little spark to your relationship and write handwritten letters to each other.

Skype/Zoom with friends and family

It is difficult to be at a distance from each other, and many events can fall out of your life. Such as meetings with your friends and family. Organize a call to hang out in the company of friends and family to have fun together.

Spend some intimate time together

Thanks to modern technology, we have several ways to add intimacy to our life, even without physical contact. You can try sexting, phone sex, or use a webcam for these purposes. Get to know each other’s bodies and study the preferences of your partner to improve your intimate life in the future.

Do not forget about long-distance dinner dates

Imagine you have a real date. Order food delivery, buy some wine, dress up, and have dinner with each other. It will give you a little excitement before your date. 

Organize a book club

There are so many books and you’ll definitely find a few that both of you are interested in reading. So instead of watching TV shows and movies, you can have another common interest. It will give you more topics to communicate and put you on the same page, literally.

Share the sunrises and sunsets

Create more romantic moments by sharing sunrises and sunsets. If you are in the same time zone, you can watch them at the same time. If not, you can make a video call or take photos. Another thing you can do together is to gaze up at the stars or a full moon. Isn’t it marvelous?

Schedule dates while doing chores

Every day we carry out several routine tasks. Whether it’s cleaning, cooking, or walking the dog, these little activities can be shared with your partner. Enable them to be part of your life as connecting on a daily level is what helps keep a couple strong.

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