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Mango loves Milkshake

*Mango and Milkshake will be available for adoption in the Los Angeles area in a few weeks. Contact Kitten Rescue at kittenrescue.org if you're interested.* Last week we responded to a plea to rescue a litter of pit bull puppies from the South LA shelter that were so young they needed to be bottle fed. When Destiny from Best Friends went to get them, she intercepted a little 4-day old orange kitten, Mango, who was being brought in and gave him to us for bottle feeding as well. The kitten is being raised with the puppies (with contributions from the resident Bulldog) and everyone is doing fantastic! This rescue is a joint project of Kitten Rescue and Best Friends Los Angeles under NKLA, a coalition of rescues working to bring about an end to shelter euthanasia in Los Angeles - one kitten and puppy at a time! They are all 2 weeks old in this video and are one happy family, but I think it's safe to say that Mango has chosen Milkshake, the puppy, as his favorite.

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